Why Own a Casita Travel Trailer

From exceptional quality to service even after the sale, Casita Travel Trailers are the best lightweight travel trailers on the road:

Extremely fuel efficient

You can always count on the fuel economy of Casita lightweight travel trailers, thanks to an
aerodynamic design. With rising fuel costs, it’s small travel trailer with a great big value.

Durable, lightweight construction

Casita Travel Trailers are built to last for years and years, even with frequent road
trips. Sturdy, lightweight fiberglass construction ensures lasting toughness. Yet the steel
frame means heavy-duty protection from rough roads and terrain. Aerodynamic design
also makes Casita Travel Trailers more wind-resistant. Easy to clean; strong and durable
fiberglass is also rust-proof. Casita Travel Trailers are manufactured with the same
technologies that the marine industry has been using for years.

Simple to tow, maneuver and set up

Practically any size vehicle can tow a Casita Travel Trailer. Compact and easy to handle,
it fits into spaces with ease. Setting up the trailer in a space only takes a few

Insulated interior

No inside condensation, so you keep cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Also
reduces outside noise and leaves you feeling comfortable and cozy.

Spacious interior features

Private shower and toilet combination has the privacy of larger trailers, with room larger
families will appreciate. Comfortable sleeping accommodations, quality storage
space, large screened windows for airy feeling. Spacious sitting and sleeping features
that easily convert.

Parts when you need them

You can always contact our parts department if you need any maintenance assistance.
Call 1-800-442-9986 or 903-326-4717.