Pick Up and Delivery

What to Expect:

Welcome to the Casita Factory! On your day of pick up you will be given a detailed 120 minute demo of the inside and outside of your trailer as well as the complete hook up process and fire up of all appliances to ensure you are ready to hit the road with confidence.

All appliances and materials will be inspected up to Casita standards the day of your pick up. Our complete Demo process can be found on our Youtube Channel.

When/Where to Show Up:

Your Adventure Guide will record your pick-up time and date when your trailer is ordered. They will contact you the week before your pick-up to confirm time and date again.
Show up 20 minutes before your pick-up time to give yourself the best pick-up experience possible. Park in front of the dealership and check in with reception so that you will receive notifications when your demo is ready.

Demo Experience

Sales Experience

  • Our Adventure Guides will assist you in finalizing your paperwork after your demo and will give you all the information you need to prepare you for your first Casita Outing!
  • Have Cashier’s Check (No Personal Checks), Or Bank Wire (Need To Be Performed 3 Business Days Before Pick Up).
  • Finish Final Paperwork After Your Demo
  • Get your Picture with your Casita for a Customized Gift From Us

Tow Vehicle Requirements

Know before you go! Here’s some helpful information on tow vehicle and brake controller wiring requirements before picking up your Casita.

What to Bring:

Casita Pre-Travel/Set-Up Trailer Check List:

Take time to bond with your trailer locally! Here are our recommended places to stay!


What to Expect:

For those that wish to take the Carvana approach, you can keep on your fuzzy slippers as our world-class delivery team starts your adventure right at your front door. Contact us to receive more information on current shipping rates.


  • Request shipping option from your Adventure Guide
  • Give location for your Casita Pick Up
  • Adventure Guide gives quote for total shipping
  • You approve with trailer order
  • You set shipping date and time
  • We deliver to you (now providing standard contactless delivery). Driver will call prior to leaving Casita and will call when within 90 miles of your location.
  • You approve trailer and Sign Paperwork
  • You Start your adventure

Drop Off Time and Date:

  • Set and approved by you
  • Sign Paperwork and Collect Payment (if not already done before shipping) (Only cashier’s checks. No personal checks)

Disclaimer for Shipping Trailers

Trailer will be bumper pulled behind an insured tow vehicle. Driver will call when leaving Casita and within 90 miles of your location to ensure proper drop off. Some items me be loose and fiberglass dust may be present on the initial trip/shipment as it is normal for the trailer to flex and settle.

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