Know that you want a Casita but don’t know where to take it first? We want to help! Here are some apps to get you ready and on the road for your next epic adventure!

REI Co-Op National Park
The REI Co-op national parks app is your guide to visit, hike, and sight see all the national parks our country has to offer!
RV Parky
You can find thousands of parks and campgrounds to stay for your next destination with RV Parky. No matter where you are, RV Parky has a place for you!
Park Finder
Park finder lets you find parks near you with the activities you want to do. No matter the activity, or the place, Park Finder can find you something to do!
Road Tripper:
Road Tripper lets you plan your trip, as well as showing you some awesome pit stops along the way. If you are a planner, this is the app for you!
Weather Channel
Be sure to check the weather for your destination before heading on out your trip with the weather channel app!

Getting There

Know that you want a Casita but don’t know where to take it first? We want to help! Here are some apps to get you ready and on the road for your next epic adventure!

Google Maps or Waze
Google maps and Waze gives you the right directions to keep you on track to your destination!

Waze is powered and used by drivers all over the world. Drivers connect to one another and work together to improve each other’s driving experience. 

Gas Buddy
Gasbuddy shows you the best gas prices during your trip. So, no matter your location, Gas Buddy helps you stay on the road for the best price.
Mad Libs
If you’re wanting to play some games for the long journey, check out mad libs and charades. You can’t go wrong with these two classic games!
Over Drive
Book Lover? Overdrive has thousands of ebooks and audiobooks to read and listen to. Riding in silence is now a thing of the past. Keep your adventure interesting with a good book!
Spotify lets you stream your favorite songs as well as plenty of playlist for your road trip. Keep your adventure fun with a great playlist from Spotify!

Setting Up

Once you get to your destination, it’s time to set up. Having a solid set up procedure is important so you can have a headache free experience at any campsite that you choose for your adventure!

All Trails
All trails is where you can find all of your hiking, biking, and running trails. Find all the trails in your area at your fingertips!
Star Walk
Star walk is an interactive guide for stargazing the night sky wherever you are.
Ramblr and Cairn are an awesome way to keep track of your route, and others can see where you are as well. These apps are perfect for families who may want to hike separate trails!


The adventure begins once you’re all set up. Start Exploring!

You have everything you need to make your first Casita trip one to remember! Nothing is stopping you now from going on an epic adventure! So, go out and travel better with your Casita!

Have questions? Need more info about your Casita before your trip? Contact your Adventure Guide for more information!

When you pick your new Casita up, take some time to bond with it locally! Here are some places we recommend staying at nearby!

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