Casita Basics

We offer a more robust design, with a two-shell construction, 3″ channel-steel frame, 15″ tires and some of the finest fiberglass finishes in the business.

Since 1981, although the current owner joined the team in 1983.

That is a very a popular misconception as we’ve never been associated with Scamp.

Towing & Handling

Yes! They’re lightweight, aerodynamic and generally smaller than other trailers.

Regardless of the type of vehicle we recommend a vehicle capable of towing at least 3500 lbs or more.

egardless of the type of vehicle, we recommend a vehicle capable of towing at least 3,500 lbs. or more because the bumper is only designed to hold the sewer hose. A bike rack can be attached if you reinforce the welds or add a receiver hitch to the frame


Standard Models do not include bathrooms, and that area is replaced by a bunk bed/couch. Also, A/C is optional.

Deluxe Models all have full bathrooms with toilet and shower, and A/C is standard.

As there are a number of important differences, we recommend you contact a Casita sales representative for details. 1-800-442-9986.

We like to say it depends on how well you know one another, but the real number is two to six people depending on size and floor plan. You choose.

It primarily works as a backing to the foam insulation, but it also cuts down on noise and gives our trailers a homey, comfortable feel. It also keeps moisture and condensation from forming on the walls, as condensation usually forms on hard surfaces.

As our customers put it – “Cool in summer” and “Warm in winter”. So far, no complaints.

Sadly, no. We leave the spinner rims and the pin-striping to you. But, Casita does offer a wide range of options that can be added to your trailer.

Buying a Casita

It varies, depending on model, options and time of year. We occasionally have models you can drive right off the lot but custom orders generally have a lead time. Please give us a call and a Sales Coordinator will be able to give the specifics!

It’s entirely up to you. We will deliver if you like, and cost is entirely dependent on how far away from Rice, Texas it has to go. Call us and we’ll give you an estimate of delivery pricing.

We have an experienced band of drivers who like nothing better than to hit the open road with a brand new Casita trailer following happily behind.

Casita Trailers aren’t like Ford or Honda where there’s a dealership on every street corner, although there is one at our factory here in Rice, Texas. Instead, we offer a referral program where you can meet with Casita owners in your neighborhood. Just call us up and we’ll put you in touch with one.

Yes. We’ll be happy to show you around anytime between 8 AM and 1PM, Monday through Friday.

We offer four different models in three different lengths so prices differ, although our base model starts at under $18,000. We’ll be happy to mail you more detailed product information.

Taxes will be paid to the state in which the trailer will be licensed and registered.

No, but we’ll be happy to work with a customer’s bank or credit union.

In a word, no, as we’re no better equipped than you in discarding an old trailer.

Very rarely, and only if we’ve accepted one as a trade-in. We’ve discovered most owners sell their old trailers just before buying a new one. Call us and we’ll let you know what’s available.

Warranty & Service Information

We warranty our trailers for one full year after delivery/pickup. Appliances offer standard manufacturers warranty.

Since a Casita could go practically anywhere we recommend that you contact our Service Department at 1-800-442-9986. You will most likely be directed to an RV dealership in your area.

We recommend removing personal belongings, or at the very least any decorations or dishes that might break. While we are very careful when servicing the trailers, we would rather be safe than sorry.. It will also make it easier on the service team if they do not have to work around personal belonging’s while servicing a travel trailer.