Now Introducing Our New Adventure Savings Packages and Items!

Sierra Package

The Ultimate Package for Maximum Savings and Maximum Adventure! 

Our Sierra Package Includes: 

  • Lightning Package
  • +Desert Package (Standard Model Only)
  • + No Refrigerator 
  • + No Spare Tire 
  • + Basic Entry Door

Total Standard Model Savings: $3,304.00

Total Deluxe Model Savings: $2,002.00

Lightning Package

Our First Ever Fully Electric Camper is Here! This Package features a 12v 3.3 cuft Refrigerator, 6 gals Electric Water Heater, and Fully Portable Stainless Steel Electric Cook Top. No Rangehood.


Total Standard Model Savings: $1,100.00

Total Deluxe Model Savings: $1,100.00

Desert Package (Standard Model Only)

Our First Ever Dry Camper is Finally Here! This Package features a completely dry trailer without water lines, plumbing, a sink, a bathroom, and so much more! The package is perfect for all season camping and those who want to travel stress free from maintaining internal water system.

Total Standard Model Savings: $400.00

Total Deluxe Model Savings: $0

A La Carte Savings

No Refrigerator Only Savings: $850

No Refrigerator Savings with Lightning Package: $250

12V Refrigerator Only Savings: $550

Electric Water Heater Only Savings: $100

Electric Cook Top Only Savings: $200

Basic Entry Door Only Savings: $200

No Spare Tire Only Savings: $250


New 2024 Standard and Optional Items!

All New 2024 Standard Items!

1. New Stainless Steel LP Gas Cook Top: 

A stylish update with new improvements such as a glass cover and electric ignition.

2. New Stainless Steel Ventless Range Hood: 

By going ventless, this new feature circulates air through a charcoal filter while cooking and prevents pesky visitors from entering your camper.

3. New Brown Wood Cabinets: 

Inspired from our classic collection we are introducing a new style of cabinet color that is similar to our original oak wood color but with a modern twist.

4. New Brown or Gray Table Option: 

The choices have never been this great! You now have the option to customize your new Casita even more with a choice between brown or gray tables.

5. Interior/Exterior LED Lights: 

Interior and Exterior LED lights are now standard on all Casitas.

All New 2024 Optional Items!

1. New Stainless Steel Deep Sink: 

For the all chefs who love to camp this option includes a chrome high-rise faucet, bamboo cover, produce wash basket, strainer, and dish drying rack giving you the most versatile yet stylish set up for every meal at camp and on the go.

2. New Gray Gelcoat Bottom Hull: 

Our biggest exterior change ever at Casita! This option is for the bottom half of the trailer to be gel-coated in a gray color during production. 

3. New Lakeside Low-Pro Wall Material: 

The biggest interior change ever at Casita! This option is the Lakeside Low-Pro Wall material which is an ultra smooth PET Polyester material that is heavy-duty, stain-resistant, ultra mildew/mold resistant, water resistant, hydrophobic (expels water to the outer exterior layer to evaporate quickly), ultra fade resistant, and fire retardant. This smooth new wall material gives all the modern touches while also supplying every Casita owner with the relief of great quality for many adventures to come no matter how big the adventure.

4. New Brushed Aluminum Refrigerator Front:

 This option replaces the white fiberglass refrigerator front with a Brushed Aluminum Front (gray color) giving the entire trailer a modern touch while still maintaining a timeless feel.

5. New Portable 200 Watt Solar Package: 

This option allows every Casita owner to extend their off-grid weekends! It features a portable suitcase-style 200-watt solar panel, solar port, solar adapter, and extension cables.

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